This is a personal blog that explores the topics of professional and personal development and growth, because occasionally everyone needs some pat on a back and some support. I think that the best way to make a meaning of life is to reflect on it and share it with others. As Hemingway said, “In order to write about life first you must live it.” So here is the plan: I will live it and share my truths and things I learn along the way.

I am Anna, and I am interested in all topics related to self-development, professional development, personal transformation, leadership, understanding and enjoying life, finding one’s purpose, happiness, and other things related to personal growth. I am also fascinated by successful people and I always wonder how they achieved what they did.

I look for happiness and inspiration everywhere, in people I meet, the books I read, in places I travel to and the events I participate in. Being a homey person doesn’t help much but it surely gives me more time to think about life and practice my writing.

I am a happy wife and a mother to two adorable cats – a Persian Nusha and a Russian-Blue Matilda. I am a young professional working in the field of strategy for government service delivery. I have a masters degree in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University. I am a first-generation immigrant, born in Russia, lived in Ukraine and now residing in Toronto, Canada. In my spare time I love reading, writing, cooking, traveling and hunting for antiques with my husband.


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